FREE Shows from ePlanetarium

The following planetarium shows are free from ePlanetarium on request with purchase of another ePlanetarium show (see specifics). NOTE: There may be an additional charge for delivery medium and shipping.

Fantasy Worlds
with purchase of

Future Moon
with purchase of
We Choose Space

Impact Earth
with purchase of

with purchase of
Body Code

FREE Shows from other producers

These planetarium shows are free from other full-dome producers. Contact us for info on obtaining copies.

Back To The Moon For Good
FREE with prior signed agreement from Google X

Flight Adventures
available for FREE only in the USA

From The Earth To The Universe

IBEX: Search for the Edge of the Solar System
IBEX requests usage metrics

Losing The Dark

New Horizons for a Little Planet

Saturn The Ring World 2
FREE, but ONLY with the purchase of another HMNS or Rice planetarium show - pay only for delivery media and shipping

Two Small Pieces Of Glass